Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

I picked up a Nintendo 3DS today at lunchtime on the Australian launch day. I managed to get one without a preorder from JB HiFi on Chapel Street in Melbourne for $298AUD with an accessory pack. They didn't have many left so I got quite lucky.

The first impressions of using it are quite good. It does indeed have a lot of potential, except it was a bit disapointing that the launch titles were lacking. I did manage to pick up Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition. I'm not normally a fan of fighting games but this was good fun and the 3D effects fit very well. The game itself is actually very enjoyable and offers a multitude of features that utilise the 3DS's networking capabilities (like StreetPass). You do need to rest your eyes after a little while with the 3D on though (maybe I'm just getting old). And the fact that you must remain almost dead center to the screen to keep the 3D effect is something you really have to get used to, but the screen is crisp and easy to look at which makes this easier.

The built in software is fun to play with and it definitely shows off what the unit is capable of, I am now just looking forward to some real games like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, and the ability to play 3D movies. Until then I should really dig out my old DS games and finish some of them off.

Nintendo has done a great job, and the 3D effect is fantastic. It's certainly a great upgrade to their DS line of portable consoles.

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