Thursday, March 31, 2011

Acekard 2i on Nintendo 3DS Update Issues

After playing around with the 3DS I decided to try some of my old DS games. I have an Acekard AK2i and wanted to test it out. Lo and behold it doesn't boot. Checking the Acekard website reveals they have made an update for the Acekard 2i to allow you to load on the 3DS (please note this will not [yet] allow you to play 3DS games, just DS games).

Obviously because it doesn't run on the 3DS, you will need a an older DS to support flashing the Acekard's firmware. I currently have a DSi and orginal DS, so I opted to update via the DSi version of the flash on my DSi. While running through the update process I kept getting the error "Update is cancelled, reboot DS". This message would normally come up when you press any button to cancel, although I was not pressing any buttons. It seems though that a few people have had this issue. By the looks of things there is (and has been for some time) an issue with certain revisions of firmware currently on the card already and updating from that with the DSi. The only way to update these cards with certain firmware versions is by using a regular DS or DSlite. Luckily I also have a regular DS. So I updated it with that version of the updater.

Once you have updated, you can enjoy your DS games once more with the Acekard 2i. Have fun :)

If you want directions on how to flash, please see this page.

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