Monday, March 14, 2011

Samsung TV Overscan and Text Fuzzyness Issues

I recently hooked my PC up to my Samsung TV with a DVI-HDMI cable rather than the VGA cable I was using to allow for audio passthrough. One of the first things I noticed was that the image was overscanning by a fair bit. Now, some Samsung TV have a "Screen Fit" setting under Picture>Picture Options>Size. The only problem with using this option is that the image is for some reason being upsampled by the TV then down sampled again and the text would be a little fuzzy with a light glow around it.

After some fiddling about and researching (most Samsung TVs have this issue) it was found that you must have the HDMI connection to the PC on the HDMI/DVI connection on the TV (usually HDMI 1, see your manual for details) and you should rename the HDMI/DVI source under Input>Edit Name to PC and it will no longer upsample the image (so you no longer have to use the "Screen Fit" option; in fact it is now disabled). If you rename it to "DVI PC", it will also work but I discovered that the HDMI audio passthrough no longer worked, so set it to "PC".

Now you can reset the picture settings back to default and all should look nice as well. If you notice your blacks are a little grey, go to Picture>Picture Options and change "HDMI Black Level" to "Low".

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