Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something So Simple

My clothes dryer over the last few months has reduced so drastically in efficiency and has constantly been making the most horrible groaning squeak sound. So bad that I would have to close all the doors in the house just so I bear to run it, not to mention that the neighbours must be going insane (I live in an apartment block).

Well who would have though that after stripping it down into it's fundamental pieces that the sound was coming from a small bearing located at the back of the drum.

Unfortunately you do in fact have strip most of the dryer apart just to access this one little replaceable piece. Once removed and replaced everything was back to normal, and my clothes are drying faster than ever. This whole procedure took me about 25 minutes.

The reason I am posting such a thing is just to point out that firstly, most things don't need throwing out and can be fixed extraordinarily easily (this is very safe with no risk of electric shock if you unplug the device). Secondly to add to the previous comment, most of us would just throw the dryer out and buy a new one adding to the millions of tonnes of landfill on our planet. This is exactly what the manufacturer wants you to do so you will spend more money on a new one (which is why they design the product to rely on something so small and easily fallible).

So just before you throw out your broken possessions, take a quick look at it and you might be surprised as to what you can do with it.

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